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Current News

What a Beautiful day we had in Lawrenceville for the Six on A Stick Tournament. The weather was Great all day if just a little cool to start but by pitching time it felt good. We had 43 pitchers on hand ready to win their class in our first open tournament of the year.


We want to welcome Cory Lyda and Chris Holloman back to pitching with us it was Great to have them back on the courts again. We also had a new Member join Donna Denney we are proud to have her join our Horseshoe Family as well. Be sure and welcome these pitchers when you meet them at the next tournament.


Thanks to Brian and Flo Bell along with Jesse Rogers and the entire Lawrenceville Club for all of the work they put in getting ready for us to pitch. The courts were in great shape and it is such a beautiful place to pitch.


The Championship 30 Class was all you could have wanted for a Championship Class. The fight for 1st Place kept changing as each pitcher took turns taking the lead. At the halfway point three pitchers were tied for 1st  Place. Larry Myers, Don Hoover, and Larry Munn were knotted up at 2 and 1 after Larry Munn beat Don to cause the three way tie. In the  fourth game of the Round Don then defeated Larry Myers to make it a two way tie for first with Larry Munn. Going into the final game of the round Larry Munn and Don needed to win to guarantee at least a tie for 1st Place and a playoff. Don won his game pitching a Smoking 65% against Marty Wabich  to take at least a share of 1st Place. Larry Munn ran into a Buzz Saw in Coni Hix who pitched a Red Hot 65% to defeat Larry and give Don the 30 Foot Championship without a playoff. Larry Myers took 2nd Place followed by Larry Munn in 3rd Place.


First Time 40 Championship Class Champion Louie Bonner only had one Blemish to his day and that was a loss to 2nd Place finisher Tony Bennett in his final game as Louie took his first ever Championship Class Patch. The way Louie is pitching it definitely won’t be his only one. Way to Go Louie! To show just how tough this class was Tony missed having a playoff by virtue of a one point loss to Howard Hawes who went on to take 3rd Place.  


Aubrey Walker had a Perfect Day on his way to the Class A Championship. Aubrey’s biggest scare of the day came in his first game of the round when he faced Lee Howington and won by just a single point. After that game Aubrey cranked it up and won the rest of his games to take the Class A Championship. Jerry Morris had an almost perfect day only losing one game to Aubrey while taking 2nd Place. Last week’s 2015 TOC Winner Karla Harris had another good day taking 3rd Place.


Tim Embry was on fire all day in Class B having a Smokin Hot 50% game and a 47.5% game as he cruised to the Class Championship. Tim lost only one game all day and that was his final game. Kevin Thomas was probably the most consistent in the class as he pitched tough and came through to take 2nd Place. Ronnie Miller survived a devastating defeat at the hands of Arch Rival Jack Lester to take 3rd Place. For those keeping up with this Famous Feud Jack takes the early lead in this year’s battle. Good job Jack but wait till next tournament.


Class C saw Andrea DeFoe take the day undefeated on her way to the Title. Andrea was back to her game and pitching Great. David Edge had a Great day as finished up 8% over his entry average to take a hard fought 2nd Place by edging Maria McIntyre out by one game giving Maria 3rd Place. Newcomer Donna Denney showed she will be a force to be reckoned with by missing a tie for 3rd Place by just half a game.


Jim Haley is returning to form after taking a perfect day of pitching to the Class D Championship. Jim survived a close game with Brian Bell in his first game of the day then took off and never looked back. Johnny Wetherford only had one bad game and it happened against Jim Haley as that was his only loss of the day as he took 2nd Place. Jesse Rogers had a good start to his year taking 3rd Place over Regina Bonner by just two ringers all day after we had to go to the Ringer % tie breaker after both finished the day with identical records. Another bright spot to Jesse’s day was his best game of the day was against good friend Brian Bell where he pitched a Red Hot 35%.


Adam Hogan was a Man on a Mission taking the Class F Title. Adam started off on Fire and never looked back pitching 10% over his entry average as he looks to move up the State rankings. David Kleidosty also had a Great Day pitching 5% over his average while taking 2nd Place. Fred Bennett survived two early losses to come back and take a hard fought 3rd Place.  All of these pitchers look to continue moving up and giving us all a tough battle for the Class Titles. Great Job guys keep it up!


Be sure and take a look at the Big Dog and Rookie of the Year Points these already look to be some good battles all year. In the ROTY David has a two point lead over Donna for the $100 prize, Plaque and Patch. It’s a long time till the last tournament so invite your friends to come out and compete.


We are off next week and will return to the courts in Cordele Saturday April 4th. Sign up by 9:30 AM with pitching starting at 10:00 AM.