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2015 World Tournament News

It's that time of the year to start looking at our people heading to this year's World Horseshoe Pitching Championships. Below is a complete listing of the pitching times and pitchers for all of the classes pitching. We all wish you well and a boat load of ringers to bring back that best finish you can pitch during this year's tournament. Good luck to all of you going this year.

Pitching Schedule

Current News

We had a Great Day in Perry under the Pecan Trees. 33 pitchers were on hand we had a couple that got stuck in really bad traffic on I-75 and had to give up on making it and we really missed them. Thanks to the Perry Club for once again putting on a Great Tournament. Dan had two of his homemade cakes for everyone to enjoy and we sure did. Thanks Dan!.


We also had a new pitcher on the courts with us Ryan Herrick all the way from Alaska visiting his Grand Dad David Kleidosty. Ryan was a Pleasure to have with us and will be around for the next couple of Tournaments before having to go Home. Ryan had a Great day pitching he took home 2nd Place in Class E. Congratulations Ryan!


The Rookie of the Year chase continues to heat up. David Kleidosty widened his lead to 12 points, be sure to check out the full points that are attached.


The Championship Class wound up with a Playoff again this week. Dan Sanders and Larry Myers played to a tie in the regular round. Dan defeated Larry in their first meeting of the day but then lost to Chuck Poole who saved his best game for Dan to force the playoff. In the playoff Larry had saved his best for last and threw a Red-Hot 72.5% game to take the game and the Tournament Championship Title. Dan took 2nd Place followed by Chuck Poole in 3rd place.


Class A wound up with a Three Way tie for first after Tom Carter handed Marcus Waters his 2nd Loss of the Day to throw him into a tie with Don Hutchens and John Rackley. In the first round of the Playoff Marcus and Don went at it again. This time the result was the same as their first meeting of the day Marcus won the game and moved on to the Championship Game with John. John jumped out to an early lead of 19 to 3 and looked to be headed to an easy win. Marcus didnít give up and came back get to within 6 points headed to the Down and Back. On the down Marcus got a ringer to get within 3 points with two shoes and needing a double to put the pressure on John. Marcus got his double and then it was up to John to answer. John did he got the first ringer to guarantee at least another Down and Back. On his last shoe John got another Ringer  for a Four Dead and the Class A Title in a Fantastic Game. Marcus took 2nd Place followed by Don in 3rd Place.


In Class B it looked like Dťjŗ vu all over again. Ronnie defeated Howard Hawes in the first game of the Day and then won the next three to go into his final game undefeated but with Howard right on his heels. Howard also got his game going after the first loss and won the next three heading into his final game. Ronnie again had to face the Red-Hot Jim McElveen who was looking to beat Ronnie again this week and throw him into a Playoff with Howard for the 2nd week in a row. In a rare show of pressure pitching Ronnie defeated Jim to seal a perfect record for the Day and the Class B Title. Ronnie got a little help from Andrea who saved her best game for last and pitched 40% in the final game with Howard to give Ronnie a little breathing room. Howard took 2nd Place followed by Jim in 3rd Place.


Class C saw Jean Bullington avenge her loss to Bo Mullis at last weekís tournament. Jean beat Bo and looked to be headed to a 1st Place win without a Playoff. Bo won the rest of his games but needed some help to force a playoff with Jean. Jim Haley gave Bo the help he needed as he defeated Jean in their final game to force her into a playoff  with Bo. Jean just would not be denied her Championship as she handed Bo his second loss of the day and took 1st Place. Bo continues to improve his game and took 2nd Place.


Forrest Thomas made sure he didnít have to have a Playoff as he never lost a game on the way to the Class D Championship Title. Forrest who has Really been climbing the ranks continues to improve his game and looks to be a force in the coming tournaments. Mark Walton had Great Day as he took 2nd Place after losing only one game all day.


Don Cleaton Sr. has been on a Roll this year. He has won three of his Four Tournaments so far. Don made sure of that again by not losing a game all day on the way to the Class E Championship. Ryan Herrick our Cadet Visitor from Alaska had a Great day in his First Sanctioned Tournament. Ryan took 2nd Place and Pitched Great all day.


Donít forget the Make-Up Tournament in Marietta this week Same sign in time of 9:30 AM with pitching to start at 10:00 AM.