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2014 Georgia State Singles Championship News

A Hot Weekend In Cordele, Ga. Also had some Hot Horseshoe pitching turned in. It was Very warm this weekend for horseshoe pitching as a late heat wave hit us. I never thought we would hit 90 degrees two days in a row in the middle of October but we survived.

First we want to thank everyone that helped with getting ready and running the tournament. John Bullington came out and performed a Great job as our Master chef. There were plenty of Hotdogs and Hamburgers for everyone to eat. Dan Sanders brought his World Famous Cole Slaw which everyone is always looking for. Karin Myers brought some goodies I donít know the name of but they shore were good. Karin also brought a cake to raffle off and we raised $79 dollars for our State Treasury fund. Belinda Gardner also came out and worked tirelessly all day helping with everything. Loida Waters as always did a Fantastic job with the Stats. Thanks especially those that came and helped both days prepping the courts and keeping score even on the days you didnít pitch Doug Defoe, Andrea Defoe, Chuck Poole Larry Myers, Jim Henderson, Frank Beck and countless others. I apologize to any that I missed your help is greatly appreciated but as most of you know I run around like a chicken with my head cut off most times and miss some things.

At our State business meeting Friday night at TJís Italian restaurant in Cordele we had two State officer positions up for election Dane Clark was re-elected with no opposition to the 2nd Vice-President position. Suzanne Miller declined to run for a third term as Secretary/Treasurer and Marcus Waters was elected also with no opposition. We had one Constitution change on the Agenda to have the Executive Council approve any proposal to change the Constitution before it goes before the General Membership for a vote and it passed almost unanimously.

The special part of the Business Meeting was seeing Billy Barnes inducted into the GHPA Hall of Fame in the Pitcher category. Billy richly deserved this honor and we are proud to have him recognized for his accomplishments.

On Friday thanks to the Elder Class A pitchers we had one class pitch so that we could only have three shifts pitch on Saturday. This helped tremendously with our scheduling and we want to thank all of those guys once more for helping out. Chuck Poole had a perfect day never losing a Game all day on the way to the 7 and 0 finish to win the Elders Class A Title. This capped off a Great Year for Chuck he won the Inaugural Tournament of Champions Tournament after a huge battle with Don Hutchens and followed that up with a trip to Buffalo New York to win the Elders Class K Championship. Congratulations Chuck on a Great Finish to a Great Year. While Chuck was taking 1st Place Friday Aubrey Walker and Royce Byrd played to a tie for 2nd where Aubrey edged Royce out by just two ringers all day to take 2nd Place giving Royce 3rd Place.

The 40 ft Open Menís Championship came down to the last shoe of the last game being played to settle who would be the 2014 GHPA Open Menís State Champion. Dane Clark and Walter Brake entered their final game with each posting a 5 and 1 record knowing that whoever won this game would be the State Champion. Walter started out on fire and took 16 to 6 lead but Dane didnít give up and came back to within eight points before Walter took off again. Still not giving up Dane closed to within one point at the 42 shoe mark with a score of 30 to 29 Walterís favor. Walter again took a 7 point lead at 46 shoes before Dane threw a double ringer to get within one point again. Dane picked up a point on a two dead 1 to tie the game. On the last two shoes Dane hit a ringer and Walter just missed the cover to give Dane three points and the Championship. Thank You Guys for the Great game this was another one of those games itís a shame someone has to lose. Rounding out the top Four was Jerry Wingfield in 3rd Place and Jeff Coile in 4th Place.

Larry Myers looked like he was going to have Perfect day on his way to the Elders Championship Title but 2nd Place finisher Dan Sanders did manage to give Larry one loss on their last game. This Title finishes off another Great Year for Larry where he walked away with the State Doubles Championship with Partner Taylor Coile. Larry also won the Player of the Year for the third year in a row and the Big Dog award for the 2nd year in a row. Congratulations Larry on another Excellent year. Dan also had a Great year finishing in 2nd Place in the Elderís Championship and as the Runner-Up in the Player of the Year as well as in the Big Dog race.

Coni Hix was a Women on a mission this year to take the Womenís State Championship Title. Coni has been steadily raising her Ringer % all year and it paid off this weekend. Coni never lost a game on the way to the title taking a perfect 6 and 0 record to claim the Championship. Stasia Addison edged Suzanne Miller out of 2nd Place by one Game as the rest of the class took turns beating up on each other. A Bright spot to this Class was seeing Troy Stapler in the stands cheering his daughter Stasia on. You could tell Troy was chomping at the bit to get out on the courts and pitch a few. I have a good feeling weíll be seeing him back out on the courts beating up on us next year. Great to see you Troy we canít wait to have you back pitching with us.

DJ Mullis finished off a Great Year where he won the Junior Boys Class C Championship at the World Tournament in Buffalo, New York before winning the GHPA Junior Boys State Singles Championship here in Cordele this weekend. DJ was followed by his brother Bo in 2nd Place.

Taylor Coile also won her 2nd GHPA Junior Girls State Singles Championship this weekend.

In the Elders Class B division Jerry Morris got off to a slow start losing his first game to Don Hutchens. After that game Jerry caught fire and never looked back as he won the rest of his games to take the Elders Class B title by storm. Marty Wabich, Don Hutchens, and Bobby Arnold  tried to catch Jerry but they kept beating up on each other and had to go to the Ringer% tie breaker to settle the finish order after all three finished with 3 and 2 records. In the end Marty took 2nd Place followed by Don in 3rd Place and Bobby in 4th Place.

Lee Howington looked like he was going to have a perfect day in the Elders Class C Championship until about halfway through his final regular round game with Buddy Ayer. Lee had a commanding lead before Buddy caught fire and came back and won the game to force a three way tie for 1st Place with Lee and George Rackard. In the first round of the playoff Buddy defeated George to advance to the final game with Lee. After being the Pigeon that got plucked in their first game Lee returned the favor and Plucked Buddy to take the Elders Class C Title. Buddy followed Lee in 2nd Place with George rounding out the Top three in 3rd Place.

Marcus Waters was another pitcher to have a perfect day on his way to the Class A Menís Title. Marcus survived a couple of extremely close games to take the Menís Class A Title one to eventual 2nd Place finisher Jack Lester. Jack lost two extremely close games took take 2nd Place followed by Louie Bonner in 3rd Place after Jack edged him out on Ringer % after each finished the Day with identical 5 and 2 records. Trace Mason rounded out the top four taking 4th Place.

The Menís Class B Championship proved once again how much impact those tie games where each pitcher gets a half win and a half loss can have on the final outcome of a game.  Ray Hudgins with a 5 and 2 record walked away with the Menís Class B title by half a game over Ronnie Miller at 4.5 and 2.5 after Ronnie tied on his first game with Kevin Thomas and then lost two more. On the flip side the half a game advantage over AW Wetherford and Tim Embry at the end of the day gave Ronnie the 2nd Place finish. With AW and Tim tied at 4 and 3 AW edged Tim out on Ringer % to take 3rd Place followed by Tim in 4th Place. Letís not talk about how Ronnie choked on his last four shoes while Bobby Jordan came through in the clutch to win their final game and seal Ronnieís fate thatís for crying over later.

Don Billingsley only had one blemish on his day as he posted a 5 and 1 record in the Menís Class C Championship but it was enough to force a playoff with David Coile to settle the Class C Champion winner. In the Playoff Don saved his best for last as he pitched a Red-Hot  42.5% game to win the playoff and take 1st Place in the Menís Class C division. David took 2nd Place followed by the only person to beat Don, David Hagwood in 3rd Place.

David Edge had a Perfect Day on his way to the Menís Class D Championship. David never lost a game as he was Red-Hot all day in route to the Title. Gary Riebesehl survived a three way tie to take 2nd Place after he tied with Dennis Hajek and Jeff Nolan with 3 and 2 records. Gary was followed by Dennis in 3rd Place and Jeff in 4th Place.

On Friday night Jesse Rogers was crowned the 2014 GHPA Rookie of the Year and he followed that up Saturday with a perfect Day of pitching by taking the Menís Class E Championship. Congratulations Jesse on a Great first year in the GHPA may it be followed by many more. Brian Bell followed fellow Whiskey Cobra club member Jesse with a 2nd Place finish. Steven Tigges finished off a Great year of Horseshoes with a 3rd Place finish.

Andrea DeFoe finished off her Fine Year of pitching by taking the Womenís Class A title with a Perfect 4 and 0 record over Mary Lewis by one game. Mary only lost one game and that was to Andrea as she took 2nd Place. Great pitching Ladies!

It was Dťjŗ vu all over again  for Tanya Coile and Dellen Lyall as they had to have a playoff for their second meeting in a row as they both finished the regular round with identical 4 and 1 records. Newcomer Dellen must think we have to have a playoff at every tournament as she has had a playoff in three of her four tournaments this year. In the playoff Tanya proved just too tough for Dellen as she won the Game and the Womenís Class B title. Dellen finished off a Great Start to her GHPA career with a Fantastic 2nd Place finish. Dixie Morris rounded out the Top Three in 3rd Place.

Thank You to everyone that came out and pitched the 2014 GHPA State Singles. You are what makes this Tournament so special each year and I want to thank you all for coming and supporting us as well as the Privilege of being your President. As always if there is anything I can do for you please let me know. If you have any suggestions or comments give me a call or Email.

We have the new 2015 Membership cards for those that want get them now. Marcus will be sending out the membership renewals shortly. We will also get next yearís schedule out as soon as possible.

Thanks Again for a Great Year!