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Current News

Great couple of weeks at this year's World Tournament! I know we as the ones that were left here in Georgia were at the mercy of what we saw posted for results on the national website for the NHPA. Congratulations to all that went and competed.



We did have another Junior Boys World Class Champion this year in Bo Mullis. I think its pretty cool having two brothers win a World Class Championship. For all of us that know you just know we are very proud of your accomplishments this year and look forward to more as you mature pitching.


Below is a chart listing of how our Georgia Horseshoe Pitcher's Association members finished. Again congratulations to everyone of you.


Junior D 1. Bo Mullis



Elder A2 12. Larry Myers



Elder B2 2. Zane Goggin 10 3
Elder D1 3. Larry Munn 10 3
Elder D2 8. Aubrey Walker 9 6
Elder E2 13. Marty Wabich 2 11
Elder I1 14. Lee Howington 6 9
Elder I1

15. Charles Mathis

3 12
Men D1 11. Marcus Waters 6.5 8.5
Men H1 5. Ronnie Miller 9.5 5.5
Men H2 8. Jim Haley 7.5 7.5
Men N2 2. Stevan Tigges 11 4

Women D

4. Stasia Addison



Women G 14. Suzanne Miller 5 10

Women I

15. Jean Bullington




Our Georgia pitching will return to action on August 1stwith the Cobra Double Shot in Lawrenceville at 10 AM with a show time of 9:30 AM. Make your plans to be there and bring your friends. We look forward to seeing a very large crowd with everyone shooting for that top spot in their class.