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Current News

Our 2015 Tournament Schedule has been posted. Everything should be up to date. If you have questions please feel free to drop me an email and I will make sure I respond as quickly as I can. Remember the Tournament of Champions is by invitation only and is a Pre-Register Tournament.

Happy 2015 to everyone. We hope you have all brought in the New Year safely and are planning on a big year pitching with us. You will notice a Newsline link above. This is the NHPA ENEWSLINE that comes in your email if you have submitted yours. If not its here for you to enjoy whenever you like. I will be keeping the old ones as the latest ones arrive for you to enjoy later if you desire to read them. If you have never subscribed well now you don't its here for everyone to enjoy.

We have the new 2015 Membership cards for those that want get them now. Marcus will be sending out the membership renewals shortly.