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2016 World Tournament

Montgomery Alabama

You are the first to see this on a horseshoe pitching website! After the second ballot Montgomery was selected by the NHPA voting delegates as the 2016 World Tournament site over Spokane Washington. I know everyone will want to make their plans in advance.

2014 World Tournament Information

Our Georgia pitchers have been at the either in route to or are already pitching in Buffalo, NY for this year's World Tournament. We want to wish them well with their games and may we have many World Class Champions return to Georgia to share their stories. As I get the class results I will post them the day after the class ends or maybe the end of the day depending on if they have been posted. If you are interested in checking them yourselves the link for tournament info is: 2014 World Tournament

To all current Newsline subscribers:

With the beginning of e-Newsline in January of 2015 a decision had to be made regarding what to do with the current subscriptions that expire between now and the end of the year. All subscriptions that expire this year will have their expiration dates changed to December 1st 2014. That will give them free Newsline until the end of this year. Any new subscriptions will still be taken, but only one year subscriptions will be accepted. If you send in more than a one year subscription, no refund will be made at this time. At the NHPA convention in July we will discuss what to do with the subscriptions out two or more years, and if refunds will be made.

Thank you,

Dick Hansen

NHPA Sec/Treas


The 2014 Georgia Horseshoe Pitcher's Association Tournament Schedule has been placed on our Tournaments page. Make sure you take a look to see when and where we are pitching this year. We have a new club forming in Lawrenceville and will be holding a couple of tournaments there. Just as soon as I get the directions I will put the link online too. You will notice more color to the links on our tournaments to better clarify things. The tournaments once I post the results will be highlighted in the color of this sentence.  Regularly scheduled tournaments will be listed in this color. Tournaments that do not count toward any Georgia Pitcher Awards will be in this color.